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Complainant Information شکایت کنندہ کی معلومات
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Complaint Details شکایت کی تفصیلات
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  •   That no complaint on this subject has previously been lodged with the Federal Tax Ombudsman by me, or on my behalf, in the Head Office or any of the Regional offices.


    That a complaint No. has previously been lodged on this subject.

  •   That no suit, appeal, petition, reference or other judicial proceeding in connection with the subject matter of this complaint is pending in any Court, Board, Tribunal or authority.

    That a case No. is pending before .

  •   I made a representation to the senior officers of the Agency/Department in this connection but have failed to elicit a reply or my representation has been unjustly turned down. (Copies of correspondence are attached)


    No representation was made.

  • That what is stated above is true to the best of my knowledge, belief and information.

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Supporting documents must include a formal complaint. معاون دستاویزات میں ایک رسمی شکایت لازمی ہے
Document Type: دستاویز کی قسم
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